Cruel Animal Treatment in Eastern Europe – HELP

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Goodbye, Farewell…

Hi guys,

I am switching blogs because I am flaky and terrible. If you really do like me, follow me at .

Wishing you all a great summer and thank you for not cyber bullying me.

On Being #48 Days Vegan

Amidst the spiritual turmoil that I call my day-to-day being, I decided to introduce a change into my life. Now, this isn’t like my usual changes (e.g., I will go on a diet tomorrow, well tomorrow’s tomorrow OR I will only watch 1 episode), this is serious. I DECIDED TO GO VEGAN…for a limited period of time. This has to do with a bunch of things or should I say my ABCs……

A) Animals: I am very passionate about animal rights and yet I EAT them….I hate myself

B) Beyonce: her and Jay-z went on a 22 day spiritual cleanse/promotion tour. Considering that i spent most of my adolescence trying to make my hair curly like Beyonce’s, this homage is significantly lesser in comparison.

C) Christianity: it’s leeeeeeeeeeeeeent, which is like the religious version of New Year’s –> lots of failed resolutions (not for everyone, of course)

I started Monday, March 3rd and I am hoping to go until Sunday, March 20. 


-I just really miss cheese. 

-Being vegan is so HARD. You don’t know when animal products will sneak up on you. Turns out, you can’t drink orange juice because some brands use fish type thing for colouring and other brands enrich their juice with omega – something. Grocery store is like the opposite of the court of law, food is vegan guilty until proven innocent (ha-ha).

-I am so HUNGRY. I always knewwww that you need to eat MORE vegetables to feel full, but I never thought I would have to find out. 

Wish me luck!

PS: I went out for sushi today and had miso soup/sea weed salad/avocado roll/yam roll. I DIDNT EAT ALL OF IT, SO WIPE THAT JUDGMENTAL LOOK OF YOUR FACE. It was alright, not that bad. But boy, do I miss that beautiful, bright, meaty, fishy, raw salmon. 


Do you have any experience with veganism or are you giving anything up for lent?